Rudin Petrossian-Byrne

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Rudin Petrossian-Byrne

Graduate Student

I am a third year student co-supervised by John March-Russell and Subir Sarkar. I am currently working on Hawking radiation and primordial black holes with an application to dark matter and baryogenesis.
Previously I did my undergraduate studies in Dublin, a master at Cambridge and spent a year at IFAE Barcelona.

I have taught example classes for an undergraduate course in General Relativity, as well as participated in the writing of problem sheets and exams.
At Oxford I have taught classes for
BSM physics
Nuclear and particle physics
Quantum field theory

Recent publications:
- "Black hole genesis of dark matter", JCAP 1804 (2018) no.04, 009
- "HQET renormalization group improved Lagrangian at O(1/m3) with leading logarithmic accuracy: Spin-dependent case", Phys. Rev. D 97, 054018