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Matt Patterson

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

I am a postdoctoral research assistant in the atmospheric dynamics group. My current project is examining the variability of the East Asian jet stream and its relationship to forcing by sea surface temperatures on a decadal timescale. This work is a collaboration between the Universities of Oxford and Reading and is funded through the Met Office's CSSP China project.

Previously, I completed my PhD on the dynamics of the South Pacific split jet stream, supervised by Tim Woollings at Oxford and Tom Bracegirdle at the British Antarctic Survey. My research involved understanding the factors that shape the mean state, the variability of the jets and how they may change under climate change. In particular, I found that Antarctic orography makes a strong contribution to the wintertime jet structure, altering the behaviour of transient Rossby waves which reinforce the polar jet.

2020 - present: PDRA, University of Oxford
2016 - 2020: PhD, University of Oxford
2012 - 2016: MPhys Physics, University of Oxford

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From 2017 to present, I have been a tutor on the course 'C5: physics of the atmosphere and oceans' which is a major course for fourth year physics students. The course encompasses everything from thermodynamics and radiative transfer to the physics of clouds and geophysical fluid dynamics.