Publications by Felix Parra Diaz

Stellarator bootstrap current and plasma flow velocity at low collisionality

Journal of Plasma Physics Cambridge University Press 83 (2017) 1-25

P Helander, FI Parra, SL Newton

The bootstrap current and flow velocity of a low-collisionality stellarator plasma are calculated. As far as possible, the analysis is carried out in a uniform way across all low-collisionality regimes in general stellarator geometry, assuming only that the confinement is good enough that the plasma is approximately in local thermodynamic equilibrium. It is found that conventional expressions for the ion flow speed and bootstrap current in the low-collisionality limit are accurate only in the $1/\nu$-collisionality regime and need to be modified in the $\sqrt{\nu}$-regime. The correction due to finite collisionality is also discussed and is found to scale as $\nu^{2/5}$.

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