Publications by Felix Parra Diaz

Observation of Oscillatory Radial Electric Field Relaxation in a Helical Plasma.

Physical review letters 118 (2017) 185002-

JA Alonso, E Sánchez, I Calvo, JL Velasco, KJ McCarthy, A Chmyga, LG Eliseev, T Estrada, R Kleiber, LI Krupnik, AV Melnikov, P Monreal, FI Parra, S Perfilov, AI Zhezhera, TJ-II Team

Measurements of the relaxation of a zonal electrostatic potential perturbation in a nonaxisymmetric magnetically confined plasma are presented. A sudden perturbation of the plasma equilibrium is induced by the injection of a cryogenic hydrogen pellet in the TJ-II stellarator, which is observed to be followed by a damped oscillation in the electrostatic potential. The waveform of the relaxation is consistent with theoretical calculations of zonal potential relaxation in a nonaxisymmetric magnetic geometry. The turbulent transport properties of a magnetic confinement configuration are expected to depend on the features of the collisionless damping of zonal flows, of which the present Letter is the first direct observation.

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