Jamie Parkinson

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Jamie Parkinson

Graduate student (DTP)

I am a PhD student, investigating brine rejection from sea ice under the supervision of Andrew Wells and Rich Katz (Earth Sciences). As an undergraduate I studied Physics at Oxford, graduating in 2015 with a first class MPhys degree. For my final year project I developed and solved a numerical model for convection in the ‘mushy layer’ which exists at the base of young sea ice, which I conducted alongside taking courses in atmospheric & oceanic physics and theoretical physics.

As a graduate, I am a member of the second cohort of the Environmental Research Doctoral Training Partnership and as such receive training in a broad range of fields. I hope that by the time I finish my DPhil there will still be some ice left to study.

I am studying the phenomena of buoyancy driven convection in mushy layers, with a particular focus on sea ice. By developing numerical models for this process, I hope to understand the factors which control rate at which salt is rejected during the formation of sea ice into the ocean below.