Kevin O'Keeffe

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Kevin O'Keeffe

Postdoctoral Researcher

I received my undergraduate physics degree from University College Cork, Ireland. I conducted research for my PhD degree at the Technical University of Vienna, Austria, where I investigated the photoionization of atoms using few-cycle laser pulses. I joined the Plasma Accelerators and Ultrafast X-ray group at Oxford in 2005, where my research has focused on the generation of bright sources of coherent, ultrafast radiation in the soft x-ray region.

I am a stipendiary lecturer in physics at St. Hilda's College, University of Oxford where I teach quantum, atomic and molecular physics to third years. I also teach second year statistical physics, optics, and statistics and data analysis.

My current research interests are in the generation of intense, coherent, ultrafast soft x-ray sources. In particular, I am interested in using quasi-phase-matching techniques to greatly increase the efficiency of high harmonic sources over a range of photon energies. I am currently investigating the use of programmable pulse trains to enable adaptive control of quasi-phase-matched sources.