Publications by Dung Nguyen

Interaction Effects and Charge Quantization in Single-Particle Quantum Dot Emitters.

Physical review letters 122 (2019) 127701-

G Wagner, DX Nguyen, DL Kovrizhin, SH Simon

We discuss a theoretical model of an on-demand single-particle emitter that employs a quantum dot, attached to an integer or fractional quantum Hall edge state. Via an exact mapping of the model onto the spin-boson problem we show that Coulomb interactions between the dot and the chiral quantum Hall edge state, unavoidable in this setting, lead to a destruction of precise charge quantization in the emitted wave packet. Our findings cast doubt on the viability of this setup as a single-particle source of quantized charge pulses. We further show how to use a spin-boson master equation approach to explicitly calculate the current pulse shape in this setup.

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