Publications by Romain Mueller

Active matter invasion.

Soft matter 15 (2019) 7538-7546

F Kempf, R Mueller, E Frey, JM Yeomans, A Doostmohammadi

Biologically active materials such as bacterial biofilms and eukaryotic cells thrive in confined micro-spaces. Here, we show through numerical simulations that confinement can serve as a mechanical guidance to achieve distinct modes of collective invasion when combined with growth dynamics and the intrinsic activity of biological materials. We assess the dynamics of the growing interface and classify these collective modes of invasion based on the activity of the constituent particles of the growing matter. While at small and moderate activities the active material grows as a coherent unit, we find that blobs of active material collectively detach from the cohort above a well-defined activity threshold. We further characterise the mechanical mechanisms underlying the crossovers between different modes of invasion and quantify their impact on the overall invasion speed.

On the computation of finite bottom-quark mass effects in Higgs boson production

Journal of High Energy Physics Springer Nature 2016 (2016) 55

R Mueller, DG Öztürk

NNLO QCD corrections to pp → γ * γ * in the large N F limit

Journal of High Energy Physics Springer Science and Business Media LLC 2015 (2015) 182

C Anastasiou, J Cancino, F Chavez, C Duhr, A Lazopoulos, B Mistlberger, R Müller

The fully differential hadronic production of a Higgs boson through bottom-quark fusion at NNLO

Journal of High Energy Physics Springer Science and Business Media LLC 2012 (2012) 115

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