Vaibhav Mohanty

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Vaibhav Mohanty

Graduate Student

I am a second year DPhil student in Theoretical Physics (Condensed Matter Theory) in Prof. Ard Louis' group. I am broadly interested in the intersection of statistical physics, molecular genetics and evolution, and information theory. I study sequence-dependent input-output maps, spin glasses, and viral evolution.

Current projects include:

  1. Understanding the robustness and sensitivity of spin glass ground states; uncovering universal scaling laws for natural input-output maps in frustrated spin systems.
  2. Developing an analytical framework for the statistical physics of discrete input-output maps.
  3. Deriving exact bounds on evolutionary robustness using graph theoretic properties of neutral networks with specific topological properties.
  4. Understanding timescales for viral evolution in glassy/rugged landscapes.
  5. Investigating the robustness of continuous input-output maps including deep neural networks, spin glasses, and fitness landscapes.

I did my undergraduate and master's work at Harvard University, where I studied time-dependent quantum mechanics of graphene electrons.