Publications by Malcolm John

Observation of two resonances in the Λ_{b}^{0}π^{±} systems and precise measurement of Σ_{b}^{±} and Σ_{b}^{*±} properties

Physical Review Letters American Physical Society 122 (2019) 012001

S Petrucci, M Petruzzo, B Pietrzyk, G Pietrzyk, M Pikies, M Pili, D Pinci, J Pinzino, F Pisani, A Piucci, V Placinta, S Poslavskii, C Potterat, E Price, J Prisciandaro, H Pullen, G Punzi, W Qian, J Qin, R Quagliani, B Quintana, NV Raab, B Rachwal, JH Rademacker, M Rama

The first observation of two structures consistent with resonances in the final states Λ_{b}^{0}π^{-} and Λ_{b}^{0}π^{+} is reported using samples of pp collision data collected by the LHCb experiment at sqrt[s]=7 and 8 TeV, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 3  fb^{-1}. The ground states Σ_{b}^{±} and Σ_{b}^{*±} are also confirmed and their masses and widths are precisely measured.

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