Daniel Mitchell

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Daniel Mitchell

Postdoctoral Researcher

As a postdoctoral researcher in stratospheric dynamics and its influence on surface climate, my time is spent in the Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics (AOPP) department. I work with Lesley Gray on the dynamics side of things, and with Myles Allen and Peter Stott (Met Office) on detection and attribution of climate change.

I am a tutor for the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics 4th year MPhys course.


  • Polar vortex interactions and extreme variability
  • Stratosphere-Troposphere interactions
  • Natural forcings on vortex variability (Volcanic, ENSO, QBO, Solar)
  • Comparative planetology
  • Detection and attribution of climate change signals


  • 2D moment analysis (elliptical diagnostics)
  • Extreme Value Theory (EVT)