Publications by Stergios Misios

Pathways, impacts, and policies on severe aerosol injections into the atmosphere 2011 severe atmospheric aerosols events conference

Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 93 (2012)

M Weil, H Grassl, G Hoshyaripour, S Kloster, J Kominek, S Misios, J Scheffran, S Starr, G Stenchikov, N Sudarchikova, C Timmreck, D Zhang, M Kalinowski

The 2011 severe atmospheric events conference, held on August 11-12, 2011, Hamburg, Germany, discussed climatic and environmental changes as a result of various kinds of huge injections of aerosols into the atmosphere and the possible consequences for the world population. Various sessions of the conference dealt with different aspects of large aerosol injections and severe atmospheric aerosol events along the geologic time scale. A presentation about radiative heating of aerosols as a self-lifting mechanism in the Australian forest fires discussed the question of how the impact of tropical volcanic eruptions depends on the eruption season. H.-F. Graf showed that cloud-resolving plume models are more suitable to predict the volcanic plume height and dispersion than one-dimensional models. G. Stenchikov pointed out that the absorbing smoke plumes in the upper troposphere can be partially mixed into the lower stratosphere because of the solar heating and lofting effect.

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