Challenger Mishra

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Challenger Mishra

D.Phil. Candidate in Theoretical Physics

I am a D.Phil. candidate working on Calabi-Yau compactifications in Heterotic String Theory. I’m affiliated with Exeter College, Oxford as a student & Christ Church College, Oxford as a Stipendiary Lecturer of Physics and Mathematics. I'm supervised by Prof Andre Lukas.

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  • Stipendiary Lecturer of Physics, Christ Church College, University of Oxford, 2015-present.
  • Non-Stipendiary Lecturer of Physics, Christ Church College, University of Oxford, 2014-2015.
  • Tutor, third year course on General Relativity & Cosmology, St Hilda’s, Oxford, Hilary-Trinity, 2014.
  • Teaching Assistant, 4th year course on General Relativity, Maths Institute, University of Oxford, MT 2013.
  • Tutor, Advanced Quantum Mechanics, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata, 2010.

The extra dimensions in Superstring theory are conjectured to take the form of a Calabi-Yau manifold. The overall area of my research is Calabi-Yau compactifications. Studying such mathematical structures is crucial for producing a Quantum theory of Gravity, in the context of Superstring theory. In particular, I study discrete symmetries of Calabi-Yau manifolds, construct line bundle models on them and also look at the geometrical properties of these manifolds.