Publications by Lance Miller

Strong lens search in the ESO public survey KiDS

Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings 42 (2016) 129-133

NR Napolitano, G Covone, N Roy, C Tortora, F La Barbera, M Radovich, F Getman, M Capaccioli, A Colonna, M Paolillo, GA Verdoes Kleijn, LVE Koopmans, V Amaro, A Amon, D Applegate, M Asgari, K Begeman, A Belikov, M Bilicki, C Blake, MB Eriksen, D Boxhoorn, M Brescia, M Brouwer, H Buddelmeijer, A Buddendiek, M Cacciato, Y Cai, S Cavuoti, E Chisari, A Choi, OM Cordes, M Dall’Ora, A Dvornik, J de Jong, T Erben, IF Conti, J Franse, C Georgiou, B Giblin, A Grado, J Harnois-Déraps, E Helmich, R Herbonnet, C Heymans, H Hildebrandt, H Hoekstra, A Hojjati, Z Huang, N Irisarri, A Jakobs, B Joachimi, A Johnson, H Johnston, S Joudaki, F Köhlinger, T Kitching, D Klaes, L Koopmans, K Kuijken, P Lacerda, G Longo, J McFarland, A Mead, J Merten, L Miller, C Morrison, R Nakajima, N Napolitano, J Peacock, R Peletier, CE Petrillo, B Pila-Diez, E Puddu, A Rifatto, P Schneider, T Schrabback, E Semboloni, C Sifon, G Sikkema, P Simon, W Sutherland, T Troester, A Tudorica, E Valentijn, R Van Der Burg, E Van Uitert, L Van Waerbeke, GV Kleijn, M Viola, WJ Vriend, KZ Adami

© Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2016. We have started a systematic search for strong lens candidates in the ESO public survey KiDS based on the visual inspection ofmassive galaxies in the redshift range 0:1 < z < 0:5. As a pilot program we have inspected 100 deg2, which overlap with SDSS and where there are known lenses to use as a control sample. Taking advantage of the superb image quality of VST/OmegaCAM, the colour information and accurate model subtracted images, we have found 18 new lens candidates, for which spectroscopic confirmation will be needed to confirm their lensing nature and study the mass profile of the lensing galaxies.

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