Publications by Jena Meinecke

Proton imaging of an electrostatic field structure formed in laser-produced counter-streaming plasmas

8th International Conference on Inertial Fusion Sciences and Applications (IFSA 2013) 8–13 September 2013, Nara, Japan IOP Publishing Ltd. 688 (2016) 012071-012071
Part of a series from Journal of Physics: Conference Series

T Morita, NL Kugland, W Wan, R Crowston, RP Drake, F Fiuza, G Gregori, C Huntington, T Ishikawa, M Koenig, C Kuranz, MC Levy, N Woolsey, HS Park, D Martinez, J Meinecke, F Miniati, CD Murphy, A Pelka, C Plechaty, R Presura, N Quirós, BA Remington, B Reville, JS Ross

We report the measurements of electrostatic field structures associated with an electrostatic shock formed in laser-produced counter-streaming plasmas with proton imaging. The thickness of the electrostatic structure is estimated from proton images with different proton kinetic energies from 4.7 MeV to 10.7 MeV. The width of the transition region is characterized by electron scale length in the laser-produced plasma, suggesting that the field structure is formed due to a collisionless electrostatic shock.

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