Publications by Jena Meinecke

Demonstration of a narrow energy spread, ∼0.5  GeV electron beam from a two-stage laser wakefield accelerator.

Physical review letters 107 (2011) 045001-

BB Pollock, CE Clayton, JE Ralph, F Albert, A Davidson, L Divol, C Filip, SH Glenzer, K Herpoldt, W Lu, KA Marsh, J Meinecke, WB Mori, A Pak, TC Rensink, JS Ross, J Shaw, GR Tynan, C Joshi, DH Froula

Laser wakefield acceleration of electrons holds great promise for producing ultracompact stages of GeV scale, high-quality electron beams for applications such as x-ray free electron lasers and high-energy colliders. Ultrahigh intensity laser pulses can be self-guided by relativistic plasma waves (the wake) over tens of vacuum diffraction lengths, to give >1  GeV energy in centimeter-scale low density plasmas using ionization-induced injection to inject charge into the wake even at low densities. By restricting electron injection to a distinct short region, the injector stage, energetic electron beams (of the order of 100 MeV) with a relatively large energy spread are generated. Some of these electrons are then further accelerated by a second, longer accelerator stage, which increases their energy to ∼0.5  GeV while reducing the relative energy spread to <5% FWHM.

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