Marko Mayr

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Marko Mayr

Graduate Student

I am a first year DPhil student (PRS) in the Atomic and Laser physics sub-department under the supervision of Professor Peter Norreys. The focus of my research lies on plasma amplification of laser pulses.

I graduated from TU Vienna in January 2017 with an MSc degree in technical physics focussing on MHD plasma instabilities. My Master's thesis was on the dependence of the energy confinement time on energy losses due to Edge Localised Modes (ELMs) in a tokamak. I was supervised by Prof. Friedrich Aumayr (TUW), Dr. Elisabeth Wolfrum (MPI) and Dr. Mike Dunne (MPI).

My research aims at amplifying laser pulses using the process of Raman backscattering in a plasma. I am particularly interested in the amplification process at ultraviolet wavelengths useful for inertial confinent fusion. I perform particle-in-cell simulations to evaluate a parameter space in preparation for experimental studies.