Marko Mayr

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Marko Mayr

Graduate Student

I am a third year DPhil student in the Atomic and Laser physics sub-department under the supervision of Professor Peter Norreys. The focus of my research lies on laser wakefield acceleration.

I graduated from TU Vienna in January 2017 with an MSc degree in technical physics focussing on MHD plasma instabilities. My Master's thesis was on the dependence of the energy confinement time on energy losses due to Edge Localised Modes (ELMs) in a tokamak. I was supervised by Prof. Friedrich Aumayr (TUW), Dr. Elisabeth Wolfrum (MPI) and Dr. Mike Dunne (MPI).

I study electron acceleration using laser-driven plasma wakefields. I am particularly interested in the electron injection process at highly nonlinear plasma densities. My work is mostly of computational and theoretical nature but I also participate in experimental campaigns at high-power laser facilities. Currently, I also look at how to exploit reinforcement learning algorithms to aid experimental control systems.