Publications by Philip James Marshall

Strong Lenses with LSST: Simulated 10-year Movies of Multiply-Imaged Quasars

American Astronomical Society Meeting Abstracts #217 43 (2011) #252.21-#252.21
Part of a series from Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society

J Garrett Jernigan, PJ Marshall, M Oguri, R Gibson, J Pizagno, A Connolly, JR Peterson, Z Ahmad, J Bankert, D Bard, C Chang, E Grace, K Gilmore, M Hannel, L Jones, SM Kahn, S Krughoff, S Lorentz, S Marshall, S Nagarajan, AP Rasmussen, M Shmakova, N Sylvestre, N Todd, M Young, LSSTSLS Collaboration

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