Giacomo Marocco

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Giacomo Marocco

Graduate Student

I'm a third year student in the Particle Theory group, supervised by Subir Sarkar and John Wheater. I like doing astroparticle physics and thinking about laboratory tests of fundamental physics.

MT 2020: Tutor for Quantum Field Theory
HT 2020: Tutor for B5 General Relativity at Wadham College
MT 2019: Tutor for Quantum Field Theory

If you have any questions about the course, feel free to email me.

I've worked on using lasers to produce axions: Axion detection through resonant photon-photon collisions

I'm currently continuing research along this direction.

Other areas of my research are looking at past neutrino experiments as dark matter detectors: Blast from the past: Constraints on the dark sector from the BEBC WA66 beam dump experiment

I also do more field-theoretic work on coupling BSM states to the relevant degrees of freedom found in systems of interest in condensed matter physics, as well as some work on cosmology.