Publications by John March-Russell

Signals of inflation in a friendly string landscape

Journal of High Energy Physics 2006 (2006)

J March-Russell, F Riva

Following Freivogel et al we consider inflation in a predictive (or 'friendly') region of the landscape of string vacua, as modeled by Arkani-Hamed, Dimopoulos and Kachru. In such a region the dimensionful coefficients of super-renormalizable operators unprotected by symmetries, such as the vacuum energy and scalar mass-squareds are freely scanned over, and the objects of study are anthropically or 'environmentally' conditioned probability distributions for observables. In this context we study the statistical predictions of (inverted) hybrid inflation models, where the properties of the inflaton are probabilistically distributed. We derive the resulting distributions of observables, including the deviation from flatness |1-Ω|, the spectral index of scalar cosmological perturbations ns(and its scale dependence dns/dlog k), and the ratio of tensor to scalar perturbations r. The environmental bound on the curvature implies a solution to the η-problem of inflation with the predicted distribution of (1-ns) indicating values close to current observations. We find a relatively low probability (< 3%) of 'just-so' inflation with measurable deviations from flatness. Intermediate scales of inflation are preferred in these models. © SISSA 2006.

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