Publications by John March-Russell

TeV scale resonant leptogenesis from supersymmetry breaking

Journal of High Energy Physics 8 (2004) 1739-1751

T Hambye, J March-Russell, SM West

We propose a model of TeV-scale resonant leptogenesis based upon recent models of the generation of light neutrino masses from supersymmetry-breaking effects with TeV-scale right-handed (rhd) neutrinos, N i The model leads to large cosmological lepton asymmetries via the resonant behaviour of the one-loop self-energy contribution to N i decay. Our model addresses the primary problems of previous phenomenological studies of low-energy leptogenesis: a rational for TeV-scale rhd neutrinos with small Yukawa couplings so that the out-of equilibrium condition for N i decay is satisfied; the origin of the tiny, but non-zero mass splitting required between at least two N i masses; and the necessary non-trivial breaking of flavour symmetries in the rhd neutrino sector. The low mass-scale of the rhd neutrinos and their superpartners, and the TeV-scale A-terms automatically contained within the model offer opportunities for partial direct experimental tests of this leptogenesis mechanism at future colliders. © SISSA/ISAS 2004.

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