Publications by John March-Russell

ΔI=1/2 rule in holographic QCD

Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology 74 (2006)

T Hambye, B Hassanain, J March-Russell, M Schvellinger

We study the ΔI=1/2 rule for kaon decays and the BK parameter for K0-K̄0 mixing in a dual 5-dimensional holographic QCD model. We perform, in the chiral limit, computations of the relevant four-point current-current correlators, which depend upon self-interactions among the 5D bulk fields. Spontaneous chiral symmetry breaking (χSB) is realized through boundary conditions on the bulk fields. Numerical results are analyzed in comparison with QCD, chiral perturbation theory (χPT) and data, finding reasonable agreement with the experimental values of the g8 and g27 parameters describing the ΔI=1/2, 3/2 decay channels. © 2006 The American Physical Society.

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