Publications by John March-Russell

Inducing the μ and the Bμ term by the radion and the 5d Chern-Simons term

Journal of High Energy Physics 2009 (2009)

A Hebecker, J March-Russell, R Ziegler

In 5-dimensional models with gauge-Higgs unification, the F-term vacuum expectation value of the radion provides, in close analogy to the Giudice-Masiero mechanism, a natural source for the μ and Bμ term. Both the leading order gauge theory lagrangian and the supersymmetric Chern-Simons term contain couplings to the radion superfield which can be used for this purpose. We analyse the basic features of this mechanism for μ term generation and provide an explicit example, based on a variation of the SU(6) gauge-Higgs unification model of Burdman and Nomura. This construction contains all the relevant features used in our generic analysis. More generally, we expect our mechanism to be relevant to many of the recently discussed orbifold GUT models derived from heterotic string theory. This provides an interesting way of testing high-scale physics via Higgs mass patterns accessible at the LHC. © SISSA 2009.

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