Publications by Sneha Malde

Measurement of the Charm-Mixing Parameter yCP

Physical Review Letters American Physical Society 122 (2019) 011802

D Hynds, P Ibis, M Idzik, P Ilten, K Ivshin, R Jacobsson, J Jalocha, E Jans, A Jawahery, F Jiang, M John, D Johnson, CR Jones, C Joram, B Jost, N Jurik, S Kandybei, M Karacson, JM Kariuki, S Karodia, N Kazeev, M Kecke, F Keizer, M Kelsey, P Koppenburg

A measurement of the charm-mixing parameter yCP using D0 → KþK−, D0 → πþπ−, and D0 → K−πþ decays is reported. The D0 mesons are required to originate from semimuonic decays of B− and B0 mesons. These decays are partially reconstructed in a data set of proton-proton collisions at center-of-mass energies of 7 and 8 TeV collected with the LHCb experiment and corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 3 fb−1. The yCP parameter is measured to be ð0.57 0.13ðstatÞ 0.09ðsystÞÞ%, in agreement with, and as precise as, the current world-average value.

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