Chris MacMackin

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Chris MacMackin

Graduate student

I'm a Canadian DPhil student in the Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Planetary Physics subdepartment, working in the Ice and Fluid Dynamics group. I received a Bachelor of Science with Honours Astrophysics in May 2015 from Saint Mary's University. However, I wanted to study something less remote than stars and galaxies in grad school and ended up settling on climate-related research.

I am working with Professor Andrew Wells researching the melting of ice shelves. In particular, I am focusing on the effects of seasonal variability on the structure of ice shelves, to examine whether it can explain channels observed in the base of the ice.

In my spare time I enjoy walking, keeping up-to-date with the news, and computer programming. You can see some of my work on GitHub. For more information about me, visit my personal website.