Dave Macleod

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Dave Macleod

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

I am a postdoctoral researcher working on the project ForPAc: Towards Forecast-based Preparedness Action. This project is funded by NERC & DFiD and is focusing on developing early warning systems for flooding and drought in Kenya and the Greater Horn of Africa. Working together with partners in the UK and Kenya, including the Red Cross/Red Crescent, Kenya Meteorological Department and the National Flood and Drought Monitoring Authority, we will:

- identify opportunities for forecast-based action in the region
- quantify the impact of rainfall shocks on society, at spatial scales from urban floods in Nairobi to sustained drought across the Greater Horn of Africa
- diagnose the predictability of anomalous rainfall on timescales ranging from 1 week to 1 year ahead

Previously I worked on the EU-FP7 funded project EU FP7 SPECS project, working in general on the improvement of the modelling systems used to make seasonal predictions. Specifically I focused on the introduction of stochastic parameterisations into the land surface scheme in climate models, in order to improve the representation of uncertainty in soil hydrology and target errors in atmosphere/land surface interactions.

Prior to working at Oxford I completed my PhD at the University of Liverpool, where I studied the uncertainty in making climate-driven disease risk predictions on seasonal and decadal timescales, working alongside the EU FP7 QWeCI project.

I also keep a personal website - you can find it here.