Publications by Tony Lynas-Gray

Detection of photometric variations in the sdBV star jl 166

Astronomical Journal 138 (2009) 686-690

BN Barlow, BH Dunlap, AE Lynas-Gray, JC Clemens

We report the discovery of oscillations in the hot subdwarf B (sdB) star JL 166 from time-series photometry using the Goodman Spectrograph on the 4.1 m Southern Astrophysical Research Telescope. Previous spectroscopic and photometric observations place the star near the hot end of the empirical sdB instability strip and imply the presence of a cool companion. Amplitude spectra of the stellar light curve reveal at least 10 independent pulsation modes with periods ranging from 97 to 178 s and amplitudes from 0.9 to 4 mma. We adopt atmospheric parameters of T eff= 34,350 K and log g = 5.75 from a model atmosphere analysis of our time-averaged, medium-resolution spectrum. © 2009. The American Astronomical Society.

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