Publications by Alexander Lvovsky

Measuring fluorescence into a nanofiber by observing field quadrature noise

Optics Letters Optical Society of America 44 (2019) 1678-1681

S Jalnapurkar, P Anderson, ES Moiseev, P Palittapongarnpim, A Narayanan, PE Barclay, A Lvovsky

We perform balanced homodyne detection of the electromagnetic field in a single-mode tapered optical nanofiber surrounded by rubidium atoms in a magneto-optical trap. Resonant fluorescence of atoms into the nanofiber mode manifests itself as increased quantum noise of the field quadratures. The autocorrelation function of the homodyne detector's output photocurrent exhibits exponential fall-off with a decay time constant of 26.3±0.6  ns, which is consistent with the theoretical expectation under our experimental conditions. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first experiment in which fluorescence into a tapered optical nanofiber has been observed and measured by balanced optical homodyne detection.

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