Publications by Alexander Lvovsky

Quantum teleportation between discrete and continuous encodings of an optical qubit

Physical Review Letters American Physical Society 118 (2017) 160501

AE Ulanov, D Sychev, AA Pushkina, IA Fedorov, AI Lvovsky

The transfer of quantum information between physical systems of a different nature is a central matter in quantum technologies. Particularly challenging is the transfer between discrete and continuous degrees of freedom of various harmonic oscillator systems. Here we implement a protocol for teleporting a continuous-variable optical qubit, encoded by means of low-amplitude coherent states, onto a discrete-variable, single-rail qubit—a superposition of the vacuum and single-photon optical states—via a hybrid entangled resource. We test our protocol on a one-dimensional manifold of the input qubit space and demonstrate the mapping onto the equator of the teleported qubit’s Bloch sphere with an average fidelity of 0.83±0.04. Our work opens up the way to the wide application of quantum information processing techniques where discrete- and continuous-variable encodings are combined within the same optical circuit.

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