Publications by Alexander Lvovsky

Fisher information for far-field linear optical superresolution via homodyne or heterodyne detection in a higher-order local oscillator mode

Physical Review A 96 (2017)

F Yang, R Nair, M Tsang, C Simon, AI Lvovsky

© 2017 American Physical Society. The distance between two point light sources is difficult to estimate if that distance is below the diffraction (Rayleigh's) resolution limit of the imaging device. A recently proposed technique enhances the precision of this estimation by exploiting the source-separation-dependent coupling of light into higher-order transverse-electromagnetic (TEM) modes, particularly the TEM01 mode of the image. We theoretically analyze the estimation of the source separation by means of homodyne or heterodyne detection with a local oscillator in the TEM01 mode, which is maximally sensitive to the separation in the sub-Rayleigh regime. We calculate the Fisher information associated with this estimation and compare it with direct imaging. For thermal sources, the Fisher information in any mode of the image plane depends nonlinearly on the average received photon number. We show that the per-photon Fisher information surpasses that of direct imaging (in the interesting sub-Rayleigh regime) when the average received photon number per source exceeds two for homodyne detection and four for heterodyne detection.

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