Publications by Alexander Lvovsky

Fully reconfigurable coherent optical vector–matrix multiplication

Optics Letters Optical Society of America 45 (2020) 5752-5755

J Spall, X Guo, TD Barrett, A Lvovsky

Optics is a promising platform in which to help realize the next generation of fast, parallel, and energy-efficient computation. We demonstrate a reconfigurable free-space optical multiplier that is capable of over 3000 computations in parallel, using spatial light modulators with a pixel resolution of only 340×340. This enables vector–matrix multiplication and parallel vector–vector multiplication with vector size of up to 56. Our design is, to the best of our knowledge, the first to simultaneously support optical implementation of reconfigurable, large-sized, and real-valued linear algebraic operations. Such an optical multiplier can serve as a building block of special-purpose optical processors such as optical neural networks and optical Ising machines.

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