Publications by Alexander Lvovsky

Quantum technologies in Russia

Quantum Science and Technology IOP Publishing 4 (2019) 40501

A Fedorov, A Akimov, J Biamonte, A Kavokin, FY Khalili, E Kiktenko, N Kolachevsky, Y Kurochkin, A Lvovsky, A Rubtsov, G Shlyapnikov, S Straupe, A Ustinov, A Zheltikov

Remarkable advancements in the ability to create, manipulate, and measure quantum systems are paving the way to build next generations of devices based on quantum physics. Quantum technologies in Russia are on the list of strategically important cross-cutting directions in the framework of the National Technology Initiative programs and the Digital Economy National Program. The broad focus includes quantum computing and simulation, quantum communications, quantum metrology and sensing. This paper reviews existing research on quantum science and technologies in Russia and summarizes the main goals for the next few years that form the basis of an upcoming major national initiative.

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