Christiane Stefanie Lorenz

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Christiane Stefanie Lorenz

Graduate Student

I am a fourth-year DPhil student, supervised by Pedro Ferreira, Erminia Calabrese and David Alonso. My research focuses on neutrino cosmology, dark energy and large scale structure observations, both on testing new theories with current astrophysical data, as well as on refining methodology for the analysis of future data.

For example, I have worked on the question how cosmological neutrino mass bounds can be improved by ruling out other scenarios that might mimic the same behaviour as neutrinos (
Apart from that, I have investigated how the cosmological neutrino mass bound would change if neutrino masses were to be generated late in the Universe (

I have also studied the impact of lensing magnification and other relativistic effects on cosmological parameter estimation (

In addition, I am also an affiliated Junior Associate of the LSST Dark Energy Science Collaboration (DESC).

I am a tutor in Symmetry and Relativity at Hertford College.