Publications by Junjie Liu

Quantifying magnetic exchange in doubly-bridged Cu-X(2)-Cu (X = F, Cl, Br) chains enabled by solid state synthesis of CuF(2)(pyrazine).

Chemical communications (Cambridge, England) 49 (2013) 3558-3560

SH Lapidus, JL Manson, J Liu, MJ Smith, P Goddard, J Bendix, CV Topping, J Singleton, C Dunmars, JF Mitchell, JA Schlueter

Solid state techniques involving pressure and temperature have been used to synthesize the fluoride member of the CuX(2)(pyrazine) (X = F, Cl, Br) family of coordination polymers that cannot be crystallized by solution methods. CuF(2)(pyrazine) exhibits unique trans doubly-bridged Cu-F(2)-Cu chains that provide an opportunity to quantify magnetic superexchange in an isostructural Cu-X(2)-Cu series.

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