Hannah Lingard

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Hannah Lingard

Head of Research Facilitation

I lead the team that supports the Department's research mission by facilitating all aspects of external research funding, from identifying opportunities to administering awarded funds. Please see the Research Facilitation tab for more information, and the webpages linked below. I am also admin lead for the Department's REF submission due towards the end of 2020.

I studied Natural Sciences (Chemistry) at Cambridge from 2002-2006 and then completed a DPhil in synthetic organic chemistry, working with Dr Martin Smith at the University of Oxford. Postdoctoral work in the vice-chancellor's group was followed by a move to the Structural Genomics Consortium (part of the NDM, Oxford) as Scientific Coordinator - Epigenetics. In July 2014 I took up my new position in the Department of Physics.

Research facilitation, which is assistance predominantly at the proposal stage of grant funding, can include all of the following:

Advice on appropriate sources of funding and liaison with funders
Advising on costs and negotiating the necessary approvals
Bringing in specialist advice and support from elsewhere in the University
Guidance on the key messages that need to be made and useful concepts from project management
Detailed feedback on the case for support and other elements of the proposal
Coordination of the preparation of complex bids, usually with support from Research Services

The earlier we know of proposals, the more comprehensively we can support you, increase the likelihood of the proposal being successful and ensure that awarded projects will have all the resources required. Please see the research facilitation webpages linked below for more useful information.