Publications by Patrick Ledingham

A noiseless quantum optical memory at room temperature

Optics InfoBase Conference Papers (2017)

KT Kaczmarek, PATRICK Ledingham, B Brecht, GS Thekkadath, O Lazo-Arjona, JOSEPH Munns, E Poem, A Feizpour, DJ Saunders, J Nunn, IA Walmsley

© OSA 2017. Quantum optical memories are devices that store quantum states of light, which can allow for the active synchronization of probabilistic events within large-scale quantum networks. Recent work on quantum memories have seen impressive quantum operation, albeit still suffering from noise on the output mode of the device. Here we demonstrate a noise-free quantum memory for light based on the off-resonant cascaded absorption of photons in a warm vapour of caesium atoms. The memory is characterized by measuring a noise floor of 8×10-6photons per pulse. We demonstrate genuine quantum operation by storing and recalling on-demand heralded single photons with a heralded second-order autocorrelation function of g(2)= 0:028±0:009.

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