Publications by Patrick Ledingham

Temporal-mode selection with a Raman quantum memory

Optics InfoBase Conference Papers Part F66-FiO 2017 (2017)

JHD Munns, SE Thomas, KT Kaczmarek, PM Ledingham, DJ Saunders, J Nunn, B Brecht, IA Walmsley

© OSA 2017. Temporal modes (TMs) of pulsed single-photon states have been identified as appealing basis states for quantum information science. Recent work has seen progress towards TM-selective operations based on nonlinear optics. Here, we demonstrate for the first time a linear TM-selective device, namely a Raman quantum memory in warm atomic Caesium vapour. We achieve switching fidelities of 86.5% when operating the memory with ns-duration pulses. These results pave the way towards new quantum information applications, where TM-selection, TM-reshaping, and network synchronisation are achieved with one single device.

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