Publications by Patrick Ledingham

Theory of noise suppression in Λ-type quantum memories by means of a cavity

Physical Review A American Physical Society 96 (2018)

JAS Nunn, J Munns, SE Thomas, KT Kaczmarek, C Qiu, A Feizpour, E Poem, B Brecht, DJ Saunders, PM Ledingham, DV Reddy, I Walmsley

Quantum memories, capable of storing single photons or other quantum states of light, to be retrieved on demand, offer a route to large-scale quantum information processing with light. A promising class of memories is based on far-off-resonant Raman absorption in ensembles of Λ-type atoms. However, at room temperature these systems exhibit unwanted four-wave mixing, which is prohibitive for applications at the single-photon level. Here, we show how this noise can be suppressed by placing the storage medium inside a moderate-finesse optical cavity, thereby removing the main roadblock hindering this approach to quantum memory.

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