Publications by Patrick Ledingham

High efficiency Raman memory by suppressing radiation trapping

New Journal of Physics IOP Publishing 19 (2017) 063034-063034

S Thomas, JHD Munns, KT Kaczmarek, C Qiu, B Brecht, A Feizpour, PM Ledingham, IA Walmsley, J Nunn, DJ Saunders

Raman interactions in alkali vapours are used in applications such as atomic clocks, optical signal processing, generation of squeezed light and Raman quantum memories for temporal multiplexing. To achieve a strong interaction the alkali ensemble needs both a large optical depth and a high level of spin-polarisation.Weimplement a technique known as quenching using a molecular buffer gas which allows near-perfect spin-polarisation of over 99.5% in caesium vapour at high optical depths of up to ∼2 × 10 5 ; a factor of 4 higher than can be achievedwithout quenching.We use this systemto explore efficient light storage with high gain in a GHz bandwidth Raman memory.

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