Publications by Dmitry Kovrizhin

Dynamics of a Lattice Gauge Theory with Fermionic Matter -- Minimal Quantum Simulator with Time-Dependent Impurities in Ultracold Gases

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D Kovrizhin, A Smith, J Knolle, R Moessner

We propose a minimal cold atomic gas quantum simulator for studying the real-time dynamics of a Z2 lattice gauge theory minimally coupled to fermionic matter. Using duality transformations we show that dynamical correlators of the gauge field can be obtained by measuring the dynamics of two pairs of impurities in a lattice of free fermions. We provide a protocol for the implementation of this minimal setting in a cold atomic gas experiment and predict a number of unusual experimental features in the integrable limit of the gauge theory. Finally, we show how the experimental setting can easily be extended to non-integrable regimes for exploring strongly interacting gauge theories beyond the capabilities of classical computers.

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