Publications by Dmitry Kovrizhin

Large and exact quantum degeneracy in a skyrmion magnet

Physical Review B American Physical Society 93 (2016) ARTN 094426-

B Douçot, D Kovrizhin, R Moessner

We identify a large family of ground states of a topological C P N − 1 skyrmion magnet whose classical degeneracy persists to all orders in a semiclassical expansion. This goes along with an exceptional robustness of the concomitant ground-state configurations, which are not at all dressed by quantum fluctuations. We trace these twin observations back to a common root: this class of topological ground states saturates a Bogomolny inequality. A similar phenomenology occurs in high-energy physics for some field theories exhibiting supersymmetry. We propose quantum Hall ferromagnets, where these skyrmions configurations arise naturally as ground states away from integer filling, as the best available laboratory realisations.

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