Publications by Dmitry Kovrizhin

Neutron scattering signatures of the 3D hyperhoneycomb Kitaev quantum spin liquid

Physical review B: Condensed matter and materials physics American Physical Society 92 (2015) ARTN 180408-

A Smith, J Knolle, D Kovrizhin, J Chalker, R Moessner

Motivated by recent synthesis of the hyperhoneycomb material β−Li2IrO3, we study the dynamical structure factor (DSF) of the corresponding 3D Kitaev quantum spin-liquid (QSL), whose fractionalized degrees of freedom are Majorana fermions and emergent flux loops. The properties of this 3D model are known to differ in important ways from those of its 2D counterpart—it has a finite-temperature phase transition, as well as distinct features in the Raman response. We show, however, that the qualitative behavior of the DSF is broadly dimension-independent. Characteristics of the 3D DSF include a response gap even in the gapless QSL phase and an energy dependence deriving from the Majorana fermion density of states. Since the majority of the response is from states containing a single Majorana excitation, our results suggest inelastic neutron scattering as the spectroscopy of choice to illuminate the physics of Majorana fermions in Kitaev QSLs.

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