Publications by Ivan Konoplev

Selective excitation and control of coherent terahertz Smith-Purcell radiation by high-intensity period-tunable train of electron micro-bunches

Applied Physics Letters American Institute of Physics 113 (2018) Artricle: 171104-

Y Liang, Y Du, D Wang, L Yan, Q Tian, K Chen, W Huang, C Tang, IV Konoplev, H Zhang, G Doucas

We report the observation and studies of selective excitation and control of Terahertz (THz) coherent Smith-Purcell radiation (cSPr) from a train of sub-picosecond-period electron micro-bunches. The coherence of the radiation from such a train has been demonstrated. The spectrum of cSPr was measured and the selective excitation of the first and the second harmonics was observed respectively. We also demonstrate experimentally that radiation pulses generated by each electron micro-bunch interfere coherently with the maximum intensity of cSPr observed at the frequency equal to the frequency of the micro-bunch spacing. The experimental results greatly contribute to the understanding of coherent Smith-Purcell radiation from the train of electron micro-bunches, as well as the development of THz diagnostics for accelerators.

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