Publications by Ivan Konoplev

Non-destructive measurement and monitoring of separation of charged particle micro-bunches

Applied Physics Letters AIP Publishing 111 (2017) 043505-

H Zhang, I Konoplev, AJ Lancaster, H Harrison, G Doucas, A Aryshev, M Shevelev, N Terunuma, J Urakawa

Micro-bunched particle beams are used for a wide range of research including wakefield-based particle acceleration and tunable sources of radiation. In all applications, accurate and non-destructive monitoring of the bunch-to-bunch separation is required. With the development of femtosecond lasers, the generation of micro-bunched beams directly from a photocathode becomes routine; however, non-destructive monitoring of the separation is still a challenge. We present the results of proof-of-principle experiments conducted at the Laser Undulator Compact X-ray accelerator measuring the distance between micro-bunches via the amplitude modulation analysis of a monochromatic radiation signal. Good agreement with theoretical predictions is shown; limitations and further improvements are discussed.

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