Publications by Steven Kolthammer

High quantum efficiency photon-number-resolving detector for photonic on-chip information processing

CLEO: QELS_Fundamental Science, CLEO:QELS FS 2013 (2013)

B Calkins, PL Mennea, AE Lita, BJ Metcalf, WS Kolthammer, AL Linares, JB Spring, PC Humphreys, RP Mirin, JC Gates, PGR Smith, IA Walmsley, T Gerrits, SW Nam

We demonstrate a high-efficiency, photon-number resolving transition edge sensor, integrated on an optical silica waveguide structure. The detector consists of three individual absorber/sensor devices providing a total system detection efficiency of up to 93% for single photons at a wavelength of 1551.9 nm. This new design enables high fidelity detection of quantum information processes in on-chip platforms. © OSA 2013.

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