Jack Kemp

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Jack Kemp

Graduate Student

I am a DPhil student working with Professor Paul Fendley on problems in statistical mechanics and condensed matter physics.

In particular, I am focussing on 'strong edge zero' modes in Majorana fermion and parafermion chains, and whether they can survive in interacting, non-integrable systems, such as when four fermion interaction terms are included in the Hamiltonian. I am investigating this both by explicit (computer-aided) analytical calculation of the strong zero modes in perturbation theory, and by numerical investigation of the specific Hamiltonians involved.

Michaelmas 2015

I gave the first two introductory Quantum Mechanics tutorials to the second-year St Hugh's students.

Michaelmas 2016

I am the teaching assistant for the Topological Quantum MMathPhys course given by Professor Steve Simon.