Publications by Yohei Kawazura

Observation of a new high- β and high-density state of a magnetospheric plasma in RT-1

Physics of Plasmas 21 (2014)

H Saitoh, Y Yano, Z Yoshida, M Nishiura, J Morikawa, Y Kawazura, T Nogami, M Yamasaki

A new high-β and high-density state is reported for a plasma confined in a laboratory magnetosphere. In order to expand the parameter regime of an electron cyclotron resonance heating experiment, the 8.2 GHz microwave power of the Ring Trap 1 device has been upgraded with the installation of a new waveguide system. The rated input power launched from a klystron was increased from 25 to 50 kW, which enabled the more stable formation of a hot-electron high-β plasma. The diamagnetic signal (the averaged value of four magnetic loops signals) of a plasma reached 5.2 mWb. According to a two-dimensional Grad-Shafranov analysis, the corresponding local β value is close to 100%. © 2014 AIP Publishing LLC.

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