Publications by Yohei Kawazura

Anisotropy in broad component of Hα line in the magnetospheric device RT-1

Plasma and Fusion Research 11 (2016)

Y Kawazura, N Takahashi, Z Yoshida, M Nishiura, T Nogami, A Kashyap, Y Yano, H Saitoh, M Yamasaki, T Mushiake, M Nakatsuka

© 2016 The Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion Research. Temperature anisotropy in broad component of Hα line was found in the ring trap 1 (RT-1) device by Doppler spectroscopy. Since hot hydrogen neutrals emitting a broad component are mainly produced by charge exchange between neutrals and protons, the anisotropy in the broad component is the evidence of proton temperature anisotropy generated by betatron acceleration.

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