Publications by Muhammad Firmansyah

Compression of X-ray free electron laser pulses to attosecond duration

Scientific Reports Nature Publishing Group 5 (2015) 16755-16755

JD Sadler, R Nathvani, P Oleśkiewicz, LA Ceurvorst, N Ratan, MF Kasim, RMGM Trines, R Bingham, P Norreys

State of the art X-ray Free Electron Laser facilities currently provide the brightest X-ray pulses available, typically with mJ energy and several hundred femtosecond duration. Here we present one- and two-dimensional Particle-in-Cell simulations, utilising the process of stimulated Raman amplification, showing that these pulses are compressed to a temporally coherent, sub-femtosecond pulse at 8% efficiency. Pulses of this type may pave the way for routine time resolution of electrons in nm size potentials. Furthermore, evidence is presented that significant Landau damping and wave-breaking may be beneficial in distorting the rear of the interaction and further reducing the final pulse duration.

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