Publications by Muhammad Firmansyah

Retrieving fields from proton radiography without source profiles

Physical Review E: Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics American Physical Society (2019)

MF Kasim, A BOTT, P Tzeferacos, DQ Lamb, G GREGORI, SM Vinko

Proton radiography is a technique in high energy density science to diagnose magnetic and/or electric fields in a plasma by firing a proton beam and detecting its modulated intensity profile on a screen. Current approaches to retrieve the integrated field from the modulated intensity profile require the unmodulated beam intensity profile before the interaction, which is rarely available experimentally due to shot-to-shot variability. In this paper, we present a statistical method to retrieve the integrated field without needing to know the exact source profile. We apply our method to experimental data, showing the robustness of our approach. Our proposed technique allows not only for the retrieval of the path-integrated fields, but also of the statistical properties of the fields.

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